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We can tell you anything you want about a safe, but true value comes from what people are saying about Browning ProSteel Safes and real life experiences. It is unfortunate that tragedy has to happen to anyone, but when it does, we want to make sure the owner of a Browning ProSteel Safe is protected.

Browning ProSteel Gun Safe Testimonials

"Browning ProSteel Safes offer the single best combination of security, options, competitive pricing and customer service. Of course, this is an opinion -- but a heavily researched opinion."

David Higginbotham Writer
Gun Safe 102: Security Basics

  • The Fire Burned for Hours

    A Browning ProSteel Safe Survives a Major House Fire

    Browning ProSteel Safe survives a house fire
    "My family unfortunately experienced a major house fire...I was certain that the items inside the safe would be a complete loss like the rest of our my amazement I found every item inside the safe was in great condition."

    Anthony F.

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  • They Couldn't Get In

    A Browning ProSteel Safe Withstands a Burglary

    Browning ProSteel Safe Withstands a Burglary
    "We were initially attracted to the Browning Prosteel Safes by the mere looks...but we found out the real importance of the Browning ProSteel Safe [when] our house was burglarized...they spent a lot of time and effort unsuccessfully trying to get into the safe."

    Rick S.

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