ProSteel Security Products
ProSteel Security Products
Home Safe Collection

Every 14 seconds, another burglary happens. Are you protected?

Home safes are a basic need of every home. The ProSteel Security Products Home Safe Collection is a unique series of home and personal safes that combine security, beauty, protection and functionality. The combination of UL testing, patented technology and detailed craftsmanship makes the ProSteel Home Safes the ideal safe for securing your jewelry, heirlooms, documents and valuables.

ProSteel Home Safe Collection

ProSteel Home Vault
ProSteel Home Safe Collection

Think SAFE

Selecting the right safe for your needs includes reviewing features for Security, Appearance, Fire protection and Ease-of-use. In other words, think S.A.F.E.

Security Security Every burglar is a threat to your valuables. That is why ProSteel has spent more than 35 years developing, engineeing and perfecting the security of our safes. Learn More

Appearance Appearance In addition to being a stronghold for your valuables, a ProSteel Home Safe will add to the appearance of any room. Learn More

Fire Protection Fire Protection Steel thickness, amount of insulation and construction methods are all facots in fire protection. Learn More

Ease-of-Use Ease-of-Use Your safe should be used and not for just hiding things away. Learn More